Benefits of Yoga

January 25, 2015

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and work out the body. It has many surprising health benefits to it as well. Yoga can be done by anyone no matter what the age or the physical appearance of the body is. Many adults take it, as do teens, grandparents, and even children!



There are many different forms of yoga, such as prenatal yoga, power yoga, relaxation yoga, and hot yoga. All of these yoga types were designed to fit specific criteria that an individual is looking for.

Primary health benefits from Yoga is:

1.Increased flexibility

2.Increased muscle strength and tone

3.Improved respiration, energy and vitality

4.The maintenance of a balanced metabolism

5.Weight reduction

6.Cardio and circulatory health

7.Improved athletic performance

8.Protection from injury

Yoga helps to center the body. It is all about finding the inner peace of the body. Performing yoga will help to unclutter the brain and help to unwind the body.

Yoga will help an individual meet their overall health in life. The focus will be on getting flexibility in the body. Postures and poses done in yoga will help the body be strengthened, with the spine being supported at all times.

The core will be supported, which will in turn help with any back, neck or shoulder issues an individual may face. The body will have a longer and leaner look to it as yoga poses will allow the muscles to lengthen.

Yoga will also increase the endurance the body has. Poor posture will be corrected over time as an individual does these poses.

Yoga will help an individual have a renewed outlook on life. It will give spring to the step and a vitality to the body that may have not been there for a while.

Yoga can help the body burn calories, and use up energy that is being stored. It has been used successfully in weight loss as it will speed up the metabolic process. Doing yoga will also help prevent future injuries. It is a form of cardio that will get the heart pumping.


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