Best Anti Aging Drink

May 23, 2014

Best Anti Aging Drink


Tibetan elixir of youth and longevity (recipe).

Tibetan elixir of youth and longevity is very simple to prepare and many doctors and specialists of eastern medicine are promoting this miraculous elixir.

Anti Aging

We all know how healthy honey is.Honey is the main ingredient of this elixir.

This elixir strengthens immunity, regulates the gastrointestinal tract, cleans the blood vessels and liver, improves complexion of the skin and smooth wrinkles.

Despite the fact that you will look younger, you also will get rid of constipation and never find out what sclerosis is.

For the preparation of the elixir you only need three ingredients:

Anti Aging

– 3 oz fresh lemon juice;

– half a cup of honey;

– 2 oz olive oil.

Mix all of the ingredients and take 1 tablespoon of the prepared mixture every morning on an empty stomach.

This elixir is recommended twice a year by one month, in the fall and spring.

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