Best Treatment for Depression

September 11, 2014

Few Natural Ways to Deal with Depression

Depression is a state of mood that has negative impact on a person’s behavior, feelings and overall health. Although this disorder is known from ancient time, it seems that today we are witnessing a record high number of people suffering from this disorder.


Most of them find using antidepressants as the most convenient way to eliminate depression. The truth is that these antidepressants have better effects on those who are dealing with “heavy” depression compared to those who are having only mild depression.

Since antidepressants usually come with many side effects that are potentially dangerous for your health, it is better to try some of the natural ways to eliminate depression before you choose these pills.


Many studies have confirmed that meditation is good when it comes to treating depression but it is even better as a method for prevention of depression reoccurrence. These studies have shown that people who continue using antidepressants have higher risk to face depression again compared to those who practice mediation on daily basis.


Yoga can be considered as a way of meditation. It can lower the symptoms of meditation but it can also lower the stress levels. People that engage in yoga activities can also expect increased energy levels and better sleep. Yoga Is beneficial for our overall health.

Fish Oil

This addition to the food contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. In most cases this oil is produced from fish like tuna, herring and salmon. Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for several processes in our organism and they can definitely have positive impact on mood changes and depression.

depressionLight therapy

Light therapy also known as phototherapy is usually used during the winter. During the winter the days are shorter and very often dark and this is why many people start to feel the signs of depression. This is a seasonal type of depression that can be easily treated with light therapy. Practicing this therapy is easy. The first step is to spend 10-20 minutes on daylight.

As the time passes the amount of time spend outside on daylight should be increased until it reaches 120 minutes. The time needed to be spend outside should be determined by a doctor who can evaluate the patient’s state. This therapy is effective only in mild cases of depression but even if it doesn’t cure this disorder it will certainly ease its symptoms.

Physical activity

There are many health benefits of getting involved in physical activity and treating depression is one of them. By engaging in physical activity people increase the production of certain hormones like serotonin and norepinephrine. In addition, it also stimulates production and release of endorphin, a hormone known for its ability to improve mood.

Exercising three to five times a week for around 30 minutes is just enough to eliminate the symptoms of depression. The best option is to get involved in outside activities such as running and walking in the park.

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