Better Than Aspirin: Treat All Diseases

May 10, 2015

The following recipes can be used to treat different diseases and ailments.

This recipe contains:

· 17 ounces organic honey

· 10 garlic cloves

· small amount of pepper


Begin by peeling the garlic and cutting them in half. Squeeze this garlic juice into a jar, and then toss the garlic in as well. Add the honey, then the pepper. Let the mixture stand for 5 days before it is consumed. Use one tablespoon at a time in the morning on an empty stomach.

Within each tablespoon, make certain there is at least a piece of garlic and some pepper in order to see the full effects. This drink is very healing for the body.
This recipe will also help with blood coagulation. This is due to the fact that garlic contains adenosine.
Free radicals can also be fought off when eating this. Phytochemicals and antioxidants are found in this recipe, which will protect the body against cancer.

In a recent study it was founded that men who consumed just one garlic clove per day had a 50% less chance of getting prostate cancer. And it is well known that garlic is great for those that suffer from high blood pressure.
Many are astonished to note that when honey is combined with cloves and pepper, it can help to prevent all diseases…even malignant diseases. However this combination must be consumed on a regular basis. Digestion will also be improved when taking this recipe. This is due to the fact that bacteria will be eliminated from the stomach, where bloating will be prevented.
When this recipe is drank, it will also help the body absorb nutrients, especially vitamin B and beta carotene. Water retention is also helped when using this recipe as it will cause sweating and urination.


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