Beware of These 10 Habits or You Will Regret in The Future

May 3, 2016

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs, located in both side of human body. Human beings normally have two kidneys and both of them capable of filtering up to 150 liters of urine, excess fluids and waste in order to avoid the accumulation of garbage in the body.

Beware of these 10 habits or you will regret in the futureThese important organs also serve to regulate the stability of electrolyte levels while producing hormones that regulate and regenerate blood cells.

Kidneys must be protected from damage or we will regret in the future. Unfortunately, most people do not have the awareness to keep their kidneys well. They often perform some habits that can cause excess pressure on their kidneys that lead to permanent damage. Here are 10 habits that can damage the kidneys:

Lack of drinking water
One bad habit is the lack of drinking water. Water is needed to assist the kidneys in removing trash and filtering blood. The lack of water will cause the accumulation of garbage in the kidneys that can cause damage.

Too much salt
Excess sodium increases blood pressure which in turn will increase the pressure on the kidneys.

Too much consumption of sugar
Excess sugar will be marked by the presence of protein in the urine and unfortunately the protein is a sign of kidney damage.

Holding pee
Holding pee is trivial but can result in excessive pressure on the kidneys.

Lack of vitamins and minerals
Lack of some certain vitamins and minerals will increase the risk of kidney stones and even kidney failure. You must focus on magnesium and vitamin B6.

Excessive coffee consumption
Caffeine is known to increase blood pressure, which in turn will provide excess pressure on the kidneys.

Excessive consumption of animal protein
Too much animal protein will aggravate kidney metabolism so that accelerate kidney damage.

Not enough sleep
Chronic sleep disorder robs the working time of kidney tissue to regenerate or repair damaged kidney cells.

Abuse of painkillers
The excessive use of painkillers will cause two problems; kidney damage and liver damage.

Excessive alcohol consumption
More than 10 alcoholic drinks a week will give you extra pressure on kidneys and liver.

I hope this article can be useful for keeping your kidneys safe.


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