Bitter Melon – Homemade Juice that Cures Dangerous Tumors and Cancer

October 2, 2013

We present you the most powerful juice from Bitter Melon


Recent results from a study of Bitter melon at the University of Colorado are more than encouraging. This herb, which is known in the East and is used in food for centuries, can help in treating cancer.

Bitter Melon


A new study performed on mice has shown that bitter melon juice significantly reduces the growth of pancreatic tumors, because it hampers metabolism of glucose in cancer cells and automatically it starves then and leaves no sugar, “fuel” without which cancer cells cannot survive.

The numerous health benefits associated with consumption of bitter melon is already known. This herb is grown and eaten throughout Southeast Asia, Africa, Japan, China, Oceania, and even the Caribbean.

It is particularly popular in the Okinawa, and Japanese are known who are known for longevity.

Anticancerogenic action from Biter melon is visible in breast, prostate, colon, liver and stomach cancer, certain tumors and in leukemia.

The latest study showed that bitter melon has cytotoxic effect on pancreatic cancer.

biter melonResearchers from the University of Colorado bought these melons in the local market, removed the skin and seeds and using a blender made juice from it.

The resulting juice is used for testing in two ways: directly to the cells, or frozen and ground into powder, which was later used as food for the test on mices.


Freshly squeezed juice diluted with only 5 percent of water acted hard on reduction of the cancer cells of the pancreas . In fact, after 72 hours of testing AsPC- 1 and Capan- 2 tumor cells were reduced by 90 percent, and BxPC- 3 and MiaPaCa- 2 to even 98 percent.

Juice caused programmed death of cancer cells.

Once the mice in the experiment were fed up with the dust of bitter melon, there was a 64 percent reduction in cancer cells.

The story is similar with chemotherapy applied in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, but in this case without apparent side effects that accompany chemotherapy treatment.

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