Black Algae against Goiter

November 1, 2013


Black Algae extract is rich with iodine

,one of the many marine algae species, has long been used as a remedy for goiter.

Today some Herbalists are using the ingredient from the parts of the algae stalks and leaves, called sodium alginate.

black algae

Due to its medicinal properties, black algae is prescribed to treat poisoning caused by nearby contaminants, heavy metals, including barium and cadmium.

As well as preventing resorption of Strontium 90 radioactive substance that is produced in nuclear power plants.

Some experts in alternative medicine recommend the use of black algae in disorders of the thyroid gland, such as light hypothyroidism (decreased activity of the thyroid gland). Black Algae

Health Benefits of Black Algae:

It is used orally for:

Goiter, hypothyroidism

– Exposure to radiation and contamination with heavy metals.

-disorders of the thyroid gland

Home preparation:

Tea: 2-3 teaspoons brown seaweed dried or powdered Black Algae, pour with 1 cup of boiled water and allow to stand for 10 minutes. Consummation: three times a day.


If you already drink drugs for hyperthyroidism, using black seaweed supplements may worsen the underlying disease. If you suffer from high blood pressure before use of black algae consult a doctor.

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