Body Detox, another marketing trick of pharmaceutical Industry?

January 21, 2015

Myth of Body Detox and Ways for Staying Healthy

Medically speaking, body detox is a myth and cannot be done. Exercising and healthy diet are considered as the only ways for getting healthy. Our bodies can be described as sponges that soak up pretty much everything on which they are exposed to.
Air pollution, different kinds of pollutants, additives and toxins are constantly attacking our bodies every day. There are some reports that suggest that each of the people in the world contain 212 toxins per average in their bodies.
Detox of body
Lots of people eat processed food, full of sugars and fats that increase the toxins in the organism. Some people may be even unaware of this, so the emphasis must be on the healthy diet if you want to be and stay healthy.
However,the idea of detoxing in which you can clean up your whole system out of toxins might be considered as a scam. It is simply a concept created to sell you different things and suck you up in that industry. Selling of stuff revolves around those so – called substances which are bad for your health, called toxins. But no one really knows what they are and how you could measure them. If you cannot properly measure them, then you cannot be certain whether your body has been cleaned out of them or not.
Today you can find many detox teas, detox tablets, detox batch salts, gels, shampoos, etc. but none of them completely work , as they are invented to bring money to the producers . You may go on a detoxing diet in which you will lose some of your weight, but you should know that that is not due to the loss of toxins , but because you probably starved yourself.

Lots of people use the word detox after a weekend of alcohol drinking. Some dietitians say that occasional reassessing of drinking habits is a good thing, but cleansing your liver out of toxins is a ridiculous idea, no matter if it may sound silly at first.
The liver dissolves alcohol in a process of two steps. First the alcohol is converted into a toxic substance called acetaldehyde , and then it is converted instantly into water and carbon dioxide so the body can get rid of it. Too much heavy drinking can damage your liver, but moderate drinking can have a protective effect and be good for your body. Little bit of alcohol can relax and sedate your body and will keep your liver with detoxifying enzymes that fight against bad toxins. To put it even more simple,getting a tiny bit of poison through alcohol, keeps your liver enzymes primed so they can fight better against the other poisons.
Most of the people are not questioning enough the concept behind the detoxification, but that is mainly because they do not know what that exactly means and blindly believe the advertisements.
People are falsely assuming that the world is regulated carefully and someone else takes care of them and their health. So you should always question things and not blindly believe the detox – marketing.
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