Magic Recipe for Bone and Joint Pain

July 15, 2015

With the help of this recipe you can make yourself ointment to use on the painful parts of your body.

Bone and Joint Pain

The ingredients you will need for this recipe are:

3 ½ ounces Pumpkin seeds

2 tablespoons Melted, but not fired butter

2 tablespoons Castor oil

2 tablespoons organic honey

You can use double the amount to get a double dose of the ointment.


First of all finely chop the pumpkin seeds. Put it in a bowl and add the melted butter and Castor oil. Mix well until you get a fine homogeneous mass. The mix will start to solidify a little. Add the honey and mix again.

Keep it in a cool place and use it every time you feel pain in the knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, joints and even fingers and toes.

Apply the ointment on the painful area and cover it with gauze or cloth. If it is a recent injury, it can be cured by only one application of the ointment. If it is an old injury, that is painful when the weather changes, you will need to use it few nights in a row.

The old injures may not be completely cured but at least the pain will be insignificant.

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