Bone Broth Benefits for Digestion, Arthritis and Cellulite

May 20, 2016

For centuries, our ancestors used nature as cure for every disease. Several vegetables and soups have proven to be very healthy. But one seems to take the appreciation from everyone and that is the well-known bone broth.

Bone broth Benefits for Digestion, Arthritis and CelluliteBone Broth Benefits

We can use bone broth for several health disorders:

  • reduce cellulite
  • treat allergies and food intolerances
  • become more immune to illnesses
  • treat leaky gut

When you are not feeling well, the doctors and your mother often recommend a good old chicken soup. But not only chicken broth is beneficial, but also the lamb, fish and beef one. The main reason behind the usage in all traditional dishes of the bone broth is because it is light, full of flavors and energizing.

The traditional bone stock was made by parts of animal that are not edible like skin, marrow, feet and bones.

The procedure of making starts with boiling the parts and leaving it for several days to release the healing components (proline, glycine, glutamine and collagen).

Bone broth has a number of minerals that are absorbable for us, which involve chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, expensive supplements transforming your health.

The benefit of the bone broth is revealed by researchers who found that amino acids were produced to help with irritation in the nasal passages and better digestion.

The food production started to imitate the flavor of broth but instead of making it healthy they used monosodium glutamate which is a neurotoxin.

Instead of buying one, you can make your own and using natural ingredients is more advisable. If you use it often as a soup or sauce in your diet the immune system will thank you.

There are six major feature of the bone stoke:

  1. Protects joints

Being a great source of natural collagen, the bone broth helps on protecting the joints. Getting older means we are no longer flexible and the cartilage has failed its function, so by drinking bone broth we restore the collagen made by simmering. Another component is the gelatin which provides slithering between bones, and building blocks making sure our bones stay strong and healthy. Athletes used collagen before performance for 24 weeks and the results showed progress in joint comfort.

  1. Beneficial for the gut

It is said that the gelatin has yet another influence on our health. It can give strength to our gut and fight against food intolerance, as well as providing pro-biotics for better digestive tract. The bone broth is easily digestive that is why all the nutritive values are absorbed quickly making useful every drop. If the balance in your abdomen is out of order the collagen makes tissue to bring back the balance.

  1. Provides healthy skin

Collagen has the ability to make the skin healthier and youthful. It also prevents appearance of wrinkles ,fights with all skin aging and puffiness and provides connecting tissue for the skin reducing the cellulite. A research made on women between 35-55 years old showed that using collagen makes skin more elastic, moisturized and hydrated.

  1. Boosts the immune system

The function of the immune system can fail in case of undigested parts of food which float into blood and cause leaky gut. While using the bone broth you can calm the gut and support the immune system.It can even help insomnia and lack of energy.

  1. Helps Detoxification

Our body can detoxify by itself from heavy metals and other toxic materials but bone broth by promoting better digestive function and liver’s ability to remove toxins, helps even more in this process. The detoxification is boost by the broth in numerous supplies of sulfur and glutathione bringing the 2nd phase of the process. The glutathione eliminates heavy metals, helps consuming the nutrition, the liver function.

  1. Ease the metabolism and presents Anabolism

The glutathione in the bone broth regulates gene expressions, the synthesis of DNA, cell reproduction, etc. Amino acids can repair and build muscles and provide minerals for the bones. Glycine is another helper for the gliding of bones and a great energy-maker. Other amino acid is glutamine which sends nutriens in our cells and arginine improves blood circuit and quick healing of a wound.

Bone broth Nutrition

In its composition it has over 19 amino acids, collagen and gelatine, nutrients that are beneficial for digestive system, brain and immune system.

The six main nutrition compounds are: glycosaminoglycans (supports collagen and elastin), glucosamine (the rubbery supstance between joints), hyaluronic acid (cell recreation), chondroitin sulfate (found in cartilage), minerals and electrolytes (bones, heart, digestive system, nerves and circulation) and collage (the connector).

How to make Bone Broth

You can make broth just by animal parts but it is more recommended to combine it with vegetables. It will be more useful to our health if we use organic, drug-free meat, bones, fat, vegetables and water. By making lamb or beef broth first brown the meat then put it into a pot. An extra tip is to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

  • Use large stock pot to put the bones, then cover with water.
  • Before cooking add two tbs of apple cider vinegar
  • While pouring water, make sure there is enough room for boiling
  • Boil on a slow heat then lower the heat and wait for 6 hours to slimm
  • Every broth has different time for cooking: chicken broth- 24h, beef-48h but they both cook on low heat
  • Opptional tip is adding vegetables

When you leave the broth there will be a layer of fat protecting the broth. You can remove it and use it immediately.
Recommended dose for the bone broth is one or two times daily 8 ounces. Enjoy the multivitamin soup and stay healthy.


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