Boric Acid for all Types of FUNGUS That’s More Effective Than Baking Soda They Didn’t Tell you About

March 18, 2016

Boric acid (BA) is composed of boron, and so far seems fairly harmless for most people. This acid actually provides many benefits, one of which is a drug for most fungi. In the daily household activities, BA cannot be separated from efforts to get rid of mildew problems, including vaginal fungus and athlete’s foot.

Boric acid for all types of FUNGUS that’s more effective than baking soda they didn’t tell you about

If you are suffering from eye irritation then you can use eyewash made of BA. BA-based eyewash is capable of fighting infections and eye irritation. This acid is also able to reduce pollutants on the eye that typically cause infection.

You may know that the boric acid can be used to control pests. BA has been used for decades as a pest controller agent. BA is harmful for insects, including cockroaches and fleas. BA’s excellence lies in its harmless to humans and pets.

Benefits of Boric Acid

BA has many health benefits and you can use this acid to overcome the problems as follows:

  1. Yeast Infection

BA can serve as vagina fungicides. Some experts have recommended a variety of BA-based capsules to combat vaginal yeast, especially the ones that are difficult to overcome with the use of fungal drugs. BA can also serve as a suppository for a maximum of two weeks. The CDC reported that the effectiveness of the eradication of boric acid is 70 percent! A study in the journal Diabetes Care proves that BA function as a vaginal suppository in women with diabetes is better than oral azole drugs.

  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches can attack any place and they are also very disgusting. Cockroaches can also carry a variety of health problems associated with germs and bacteria. Cockroaches often indulge in the trash and they take germs with their legs as they crawl. Roaches can transfer germs when they touch the foods. Cockroaches are the main disseminator of Salmonella and E. coli. Health experts linked the increased population of cockroaches to an increase in cases of asthma and allergies since they provide allergen content of which can stimulate asthma and allergy symptoms. Thanks to boric acid, we can easily get rid of cockroaches effectively. We can place the BA particles in some places in our homes. Cockroaches will touch the particles and they can die and lead to mass mortality for other cockroaches. Not only for cockroaches, the boric acid also causes death for a variety of insects, such as beetles, termites, wood borers and ants.

  1. Washing the eyes

Boric acid is easy to be diluted into effective eyewash. BA can overcome the irritations and transmitted infections. BA can also overcome inflammation of the eye. You can apply the BA independently in your home.

  1. Acne

BA is antibacterial and since most acne problems are caused by bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes), BA is very effective in killing the bacteria that cause acne, but you should be aware that experts prohibit the use BA as one of skin medications. EWG is one party that prohibits the use of BA as a skin medicine.

  1. Athlete’s Foot

It is a kind of fungal infection and the infection can be removed by sprinkling powdered BA and wrap the legs with stockings or socks. The use of powdered BA can also neutralize the odor caused by athlete’s foot. BA is able to change the pH of the skin and scrape the dead skin that serves as food for the fungus. BA is a fungicide that is a final hope when antifungal creams have failed.

  1. Household Cleaner

BA can be applied as a stain cleaner and deodorizer for household. BA can also be added to the laundry and toilet. To use in the toilet, sprinkle powdered BA to the stain and allow it to 30 minutes and then rinse.

Boric acid

Boric acid is a white powder which is composed of boron and water. This powder has a great efficacy against bacteria and fungal infections. Journal of Women’s Health states that BA is cheap and safe solution for women who suffer from chronic vaginal yeast infections when they failed to use drugs. Boric acid (H3BO3) in the form of white crystals is commonly found naturally in volcanic waters. Boric acid is also referred to as the hydrogen borate. This acid was listed for the first time in 1948 in the US as an insecticide for mites, cockroaches, termites, and ants. BA is also able to prevent decay in the wood, prevent damage to the cow skin and sheep skin. Farmers often use BA to control insects and bacteria and to overcome the lack of boron in plants.

We can find boric acid in:

  • Enamel and glazes
  • Antiseptic and astringent
  • Lotion
  • Some paint products
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Cockroach repellent powder
  • Some eyewash products
  • Most pesticides

If you want to overcome yeast infection, you can create a BA suppository by filling the empty capsule with BA powder. 1 capsule should be containing 600 milligrams of boric acid and the capsule can be inserted into the vagina while you sleep. This step can overcome the chronic yeast infection and you should do this for 7 days.

To wash the eyes, you should choose pharmacy boric acid powder. The first step is to sterilize the pipette and the eye cup. And then mix 1/8 teaspoon of BA into one cup. Use the dropper and drop the mixture into your eyes and repeat up to three times a day.

To cope with athlete’s foot, you can combine BA and alcohol in the ratio of two teaspoons of BA for one cup of alcohol. Use a cotton swab and apply the mixture to the affected area. You can also sprinkle the BA powder and cover with socks to prevent athlete’s foot.

To eradicate the insects, place the BA powder to areas where the insects breed. You need to put the powder at various angles in your house and you will repel roaches immediately.

To remove stains, simply mix half a cup of BA into your laundry. In toilet case, pour half a cup of BA powder into the toilet bowl and let it stands for 30 minutes.


Vaginal Yeast Infection Boric Acid Recipe


  • Empty gelatin capsule
  • 600 milligrams of BA

How to use:

Enter BA capsule into the vagina while you sleep and apply for 7 days continuously.

Boric Acid Recipe for Athlete’s Foot


  • 1 cup of alcohol
  • 2 teaspoons of BA powder

How to use;

Combine both ingredients and apply the mixture on foot.

Some Advices:

  • Do not ingest the boric acid and apply it to open wounds. If swallowed seek medical help!
  • Keep this acid out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use this acid when you are pregnant.
  • Remove contact lenses before using BA as eyewash. If you want to use contact lenses, wait for 15 minutes after using BA. If you experience irritation you should immediately rinse with cold water and contact medical personnel.


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