The Boy Died an Hour after Bathing. All Parents Should See This!!!

June 25, 2016

We all know the feeling after long day at the swimming pool, that sleepy and exhausted pleasure. This is often the case with kids who spent all day in various activities. Many people will think this is normal, and Cassandra Jackson will agree since her ten-years-old son said he wanted to sleep just after spending all day at the swimming pool.

The Boy Died an Hour after Bathing. All Parents Should See This

Being at the pool, all of the sudden he felt exhausted and sleepy, but Cassandra, as many mothers, never assumed that this is something unusual and wrong. After several minutes, she checked on her son and saw something very shocking for her.

He was breathing heavily and had white foam on his mouth. Cassandra took him to the emergency room immediately and the doctors explained that this is a condition with the name Secondary Drowning and it appeared as a consequence of inhaling water, and can occur within 72 hours.

It can be fatal, if the warning symptoms are not noticed at once. It can appear in both kids and adults since by inhaling only a small gush of water can provoke swelling and irritation on the lungs which is serious.

The smallest amount of water no matter if it is from a pool, lake or ocean, it can still restrict the lungs function since they will not be able to supply oxygen to the bloodstream and therefore to the body.

Be careful for any unusual symptoms every time your children swallow too much water, or nearly got drowned, since there can be a second drowning and this can happen during 72 hours. If you notice something unusual like in this case foam, take the child to hospital immediately without second thoughts.

In order to help your kid or any other person, look at these symptoms for more clear vision of how this condition can occur:

  • Intense weakness after taking bath
  • Irritability and mood changes without any particular reason
  • Short breathing after bath

Source: healthadvisorgroup

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