Brain Damaging Habits We Make

December 25, 2014

Brain Damaging Habits We Make

We all know how important the brain is to the body. Without a properly functioning brain, we would not be able to perform the daily tasks that we do day in and day out.

However, there are some habits that are helping to damage the brain. But the good news is we can easily change these habits to make them into positives to help the brain continue to grow and flourish.


To help stop damaging the brain, an individual that smokes should stop smoking. Besides being bad for the entire body, smoking causes the brain to shrink and can lead to Alzheimer’s.

When an individual overeats, this causes damage to the brain. There is a decrease in mental power due to the fact that the brain’s arteries are being hardened.

One should also watch the consumption of sugar, as too much sugar will not allow the body to absorb all the nutrients and proteins it needs, which will interfere with brain development.

When an individual does not get enough sleep, there is brain damage done. Sleep deprivation will cause brain cells to die. While sleeping, the head should not be covered either. Covering the head will increase carbon dioxide and decrease oxygen, which will lead to brain damage.

Those individuals that do not eat breakfast will find that they are not helping the brain any. This will cause the individual to have lower blood sugar levels, which leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients going to the brain. This will cause degeneration.

Those that do not talk that much are damaging the brain. Having intellectual conversations makes the brain smarter. An individual should also think as much as they can, as this will help the brain stay the same size. Those that do not take the time to think are only causing the brain to shrink.


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