Will eating broccoli and watercress kill the cancer cells?

June 8, 2015

Cancer Cells Killed By Eating Broccoli and Watercress

Both broccoli and watercress may have the power to kill cancer cells a new study has found. These two power foods increase the antioxidants in the blood, and are very well known for their cancer fighting properties.

Broccoli and Watercress (Custom)

First let us look at watercress.

This vegetable has a peppery taste that is packed with many nutrients. It contains 312% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin K and is also high in vitamin C. It will also help to protect the body’s DNA from damage.
And broccoli is very high in vitamin D.

Plus it is loaded with fiber and has 3 different kinds of glucosininolate phytonutrients that will help detoxify the body.
Broccoli and watercress are known to help prevent cancers of the colon, prostates and breasts. This is due to the 3 different kinds of glucosininolate phytonutrients that produce the isothiocyanates. This helps to signal the brain to keep the tumors from growing. Recent studies have shown that there are enzymes that are present in both of these veggies.

When large amounts are eaten, this enzyme that is produced when the broccoli and watercress are chewed will inhibit the growth of the cancer cells.
Eating these veggies is better than chemo. Chemotherapy will only target the large tumors in the body.
While this is a good thing the body is still exposed to high levels of radiation. While the tumor size can be reduced, the cancer cells will still remain in the body.

If the cancer cells are still present in the body, the cancer stem cells can return. Lab tests have reported that eating watercress and broccoli can kill cancer cells within 24 hours after eating them. Adding these foods into the diet is very beneficial so be sure to add them as often as you can.


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