Buckwheat cereal strongest in the world!

October 7, 2013


Buckwheat-fagopyrum esculentum-moench

Buckwheat contains many trace elements which are beneficial act against hypertension,rheumatics,glaucoma,diabetes as well as with the hatching of the disease occurring as a result of increased radiation.

Buckwheat belongs in herbaceous plants with official product as the seed, because its biochemical composition and nutritive value,it is very esteemed in man nutrition.

This plant is extraordinarily curative the means to many diseases of the contemporary time.Grain of the buckwheat is very rich in nutritious ingredients, mineral salts and vitamins.Richest is with carbohydrate (72.9%), proteins (11.7%) and vegetable oil (2.4%).According vitamin shattering composition of buckwheat is similar to the other cereal will contain almost all vitamins of the B group substantial amounts of niacin.

fagopyrum esculentum

Mineral constituents contains potassium,phosphorus,calcium,and not to small nor the amounts of magnesium , sodium and iron.
Buckwheat and contains trace elements such as iodine, zinc , bromine , then the organic acid and rutin ( from the group of vitamin P ),which has a beneficial act against hypertension ( increased blood pressure),rheumatics,glaucoma,diabetes and diseases such occurring as a result of increased radiation.Otherwise,the food value of buckwheat ,is much more rate than rice.

Buckwheat is ideal product for people with impaired digestion, and for children and older people,
especially in combination with rice and other grains, and from it is made porridge, bread or pancakes.

Buckwheat contains fluorine,a necessary for our teeth and vitamin P which acted beneficially on the nervous system cardiovascular cells.
Of all the crops that are being discussed for the value of food ,
for all suffering from rheumatic diseases and artriticar the most important is buckwheat.


This plants is used in the alternative and in the official medicine because it contains rutin and askorutin ,
substances which act preventive and curative in many diseases – from contagious through aterosleroza to artritis.
Buckwheat increases the resistance of the capillaries and affects of their permeability, and with that has reduced blood presure.
Buckwheat helps in treating the diarrhea, worm, used against an unpleasant Breath of mouth, skin diseases and scabs.
For those purposes be eaten buckwheat porridge, which boils very long and in doing buckwheat should be fresh, clean and milled.
Buckwheat porridge that is much effectively nutritious and medicinal, can spice up with butter and parsley, black pepper and onion.

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