Bumble Bee Tuna Issues Recall Of Canned Tuna That Could Lead To Death If Eaten

March 26, 2016

Bumble Bee Foods and Tri-Union Seafoods remind every consumer to be wary of canned chunk light tuna products because they can cause the risk of health problems and even death.

Bumble Bee Tuna Issues Recall Of Canned Tuna That Could Lead To Death If Eaten

According to both companies, irregularities related to canned chunk light tuna are caused by contamination of pathogenic organisms in commercial sterilization processes.

According to Steve Mavity, senior vice president of Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee realizes that most canned chunk light tuna pieces are manufactured at a third-party supplier in Georgia, CNN, which has not yet to implement safe production process.

The company has recalled 31 579 tuna cans with UPC codes 8660000020, 8660000021, and 8660000736 which was produced in February 2016 and have been distributed to all parts of the United States. Bumble Bee confirms that most cans can cause health problems associated with the inaccuracy of the sterilization process on several production facilities not operated directly by Bumble Bee. The company is currently attracting a lot of products carefully.

Meanwhile, Tri-Union Seafoods has recalled 2,745 cases of Chicken of the Sea brand canned tuna as they had been undercooked caused by some faulty equipment. Recalled UPC codes are 0 4800000195 5, and 0 4800000245 7. Two codes were manufactured between February 10 2016 and March 16, 2016. According to the company, there is no code other than two codes that have been mentioned above will be drawn.

Any consumer who still has the recalled products should immediately throw them away and they all can obtain more detailed information by contacting the Bumble Bee at 888-820-1947 and Tri-Union Seafoods at 866-600-2681. To withdraw its dangerous products, Bumble Bee is working together with co-packer and FDA.


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