3 Effective Way to Get Rid of Bunions

February 13, 2015

A Simple Effective Way to Get Rid of Bunions

Bunions are salt deposits that are triggered by many different things. Individuals get bunions due to wearing improper fitting shoes.

They can also be a cause of influenza, gout, poor metabolism, not eating well enough, tonsillitis, and rheumatic infections. They can be very uncomfortable, making it hard to find a shoe that fits properly.They are also very unsightly in appearance.


There is an effective recipe for getting rid of bunions.

An individual can cook 300 ml of water with crushed bay leaves. Cook for 5 minutes, then let it sit in a thermos overnight. In the morning, the mixture will need to be strained well.

During the day, the mixture should be sipped on. It should not be consumed all at once. This should be done everyday for three days straight. A new mixture will need to be made every night. After seven days, the treatment should be repeated again.

Results can often be seen in ten days. There will be frequent urination, as this is a sign that the salt is dissolving, which will irritate the bladder. The treatment should be done for two months, in which after this time the bunions will disappear completely.

A second recipe to try involves using five crushed bay leaves.

Pour 100 ml of alcohol over the finely crushed bay leaves, and then let the mixture sit for a week. Strain well, then apply the alcohol mixture to the bunions. This works best if the feet have been soaked in warm water with some baking soda added. Pat feet dry after soaking the feet, then apply the mixture, and then don a pair of socks.

Another recipe that has been effective in treating bunions involves shredding soap.

Soap will help alleviate pain, as well as any inflammation that is caused by a bunion. Shredded soap can be applied to the sore area and massaged. Rinse the area well, pat dry and apply iodine. Apply the iodine with a cotton ball in a net like way, making horizontal and vertical lines that are about a centimeter apart from each other. Let it dry onto the skin then put on a pair of socks. Repeat daily for 30 days.



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