Calories in Peach

September 24, 2014


Calories in Peach and health benefits

Peaches have been grown for centuries. They first appeared in China, where they are considered a symbol of immortality and friendship.

They are called powerful because peaches offer many health benefits for each and everyone of us. Simply we wish them to last longer.

Calories in Peach

They are the best meal for weight loss – Peaches will make you feel full. It contains 30-35 calories in peach.
Prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease – they are rich in phytochemicals called phenols, which are great antioxidants.

Peaches protect the health your skin.
They contain vitamins A and C which are a natural skin moisturizer. Therefore, they are often used in cosmetics. These vitamins help in the regeneration of skin cells.
Peaches reduce hair loss, and also have a positive effect on the scalp.

They are sturdy stress fighter, and they reduce anxiety. Peaches are known in Hungary as “fruit of humility.”
Prevent cancer – thanks to selenium (a mineral) with strong antioxidant features they protect cells from cancer.


-Have a diuretic effect and clean the liver and kidneys.
-They soothe the upset stomach.
-Considered as an aphrodisiac.
-They prevent tumor growth and have excellent antioxidant effects, according to many studies.

Excellent fighter against bronchitis, coughing and gastritis – tea leaves of peach prevent these diseases.

Peach tea is considered as cleaner of the kidneys in China.

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