You Can Improve Your Eyesight by Consuming This Aloe Vera-Based Concoction

May 4, 2016

In the ’60s, a famous Russian surgeon, Vladimir Petrovich Filatov, advised his patients to use alternative medicine to improve their eyesight. It turned out that the recipe brought positive results.

You Can Improve Your Eyesight by Consuming This Aloe Vera-Based Concoction

Here is the recipe of Filatov.

• 100 g of aloe juice
• 500 g of crushed walnuts
• 300 g of honey
• juice of 4 lemons

How to prepare
Make the juice of aloe vera by taking off the upper, lower, and middle leaves and leaving the top and the last 4 leaves untouched. You need to wash them all with boiled water (that has been cooled) and then remove the spikes. The last step is to chop all in small pieces and strain using double gauze.

Filatov recommends us to not chop up the leaves immediately but let them first in the freezer for 12 days. By storing in the fridge we could form “a Biogen stimulator” which is able to generate aloe vera cell’s activity.

Wash the leaves once again (after being taken out of the fridge) then you will get a fresh aloe vera juice. Combine the juice with all of the above ingredients and your herb will be ready soon.
How to use:
Take one tablespoon of the herb three times a day. Drink half an hour before meals. This herb is the best source of vitamins that will minimize the risk of vision disorders.

This herb is also recommended for people with from acute kidney, indigestion, inflammation of the female reproductive organs, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, and cardiovascular disease.


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