Can we Cure Cancer in as Little as Two Weeks

December 15, 2015

One in two men and one in three woman will develop cancer in their lives, which has been thought of as being incurable.  Do you believe that cancer can be cured?  Most do not think so, but there is a treatment that can cure cancer in as little as two to six weeks.  The reason that cancer is not thought of to have a cure is that there is little to no money in the cure.

Can we Cure Cancer in as Little as Two Weeks

This horrible disease has caused thousands to die from it and only be partly cured.  It is believed that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have prescribed medications to people to poison them on purpose.  They do this to help make money. Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s website,  has even been blocked from the federal government for his success in cancer treatment.

Dr. Coldwell states that he is convinced that he can heal about 90% of those that suffer from cancer.

He has seen more than 35000 patients.  He currently has over 7 million followers that read his bulletins.  The cancer will be cured with a cancer diet.  No surgery or radiation will be used, and chemotherapy will not be an option.  A raw diet will be utilized, and the body should strive for 4 liters of water a day unless one has kidney disease.

The body will also need to deal with the toxins and acidity in the body.  The body needs to be filled with oxygen. When the body is fully alkalized, the cancer will stop dead in its tracks.  The body should have a PH of 7.5.  A PH of 7.36 is good, but one should strive for the 7.5.

Blood can be taken out of the body and given oxygen.  Dr. Martin from Germany offers this therapy in which the blood will be injected into the body after it has been enriched with oxygen.  This will fill the body with energy.

Vitamin C injections can also help a body that is suffering from cancer.  100Cc three times a week is often needed for those that suffer from cancer.

Beverages To Slim The Body Down
Here are two drink recipes that are amazing and will help one to loose weight.  They work to help speed up the metabolism of the body.

Recipe 1 ingredients:
–  1 teaspoon grated ginger root
–  1 lemon
–  1 lime
–  1 cucumber
–  12 mint leaves
–  1 liter water

Shred the cucumber after peeling.  Shred the lemon, lime and ginger as well.  Place all ingredients in a glass bottle, then store in the refrigerator.  Drink 3 glasses daily, once in the morning and then twice before meals, half an hour before.  This will melt belly fat without starving the body and rev up the metabolism.  The immune system will also be strengthened.

Recipe 2 ingredients:
–  ginger root
–  hot water

Place the ginger root in hot water to make a tea.  Store in a thermos and drink daily.  Best results will be yielded when drank half an hour before meals.  Ginger will help to melt calories off the body.

Cancer Does Not Kill, Chemotherapy Does

Dr. Hardin B. Jones spent more than 20 years studying chemotherapy and the effects that it has on the body.  He found that chemotherapy is ineffective on the body, and it often causes pain. He believes that those that use chemotherapy will die faster then those that opt to not use chemotherapy and will be in more pain as well.  Dr. Jones found that chemotherapy will accelerate the deterioration of the body and reduce the life expectancy.

What is more with this is that the cancer industry is well aware of this, yet they do nothing about it.

Dr. Jones says that those that opt not to do chemotherapy will live an average of 12 years longer then those that do chemo.  Those that have done chemo die about 3 years after being diagnosed with cancer, with some even dying as fast as one or two months after the chemotherapy is started. Those that suffer from breast cancer and do not have chemotherapy will live four times longer on average versus those that have opted for this treatment.

Dr. Jones’ findings have been published in the New York Academy of Science Journals.

In 1979, the American Medical Association Journal stated that the most popular techniques for treating breast cancer did not have positive effects in most patients.

Big Pharma does not want patients to know that most die from chemotherapy and not the actual cancer itself. Chemotherapy will help to prevent cancer from spreading by killing the healthy cells, then focusing on the cancerous cells. The immune system is blocked, as the cancer effected cells begin to absorb all the nutrients from the body, and actually block the immune system.  This makes the immune system so weak that it is threatened by pretty much anything.

Evidence has proven that chemotherapy will not help to eliminate colon, breast, or lung cancer, however, health officials are still opting for this method of choice.  It has been stated that modern medicine has found the cure for cancer, but all facts are hidden from the public.

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