Cancer Does Not Kill, Chemotherapy Does

December 31, 2015

Dr. Hardin B. Jones spent more than 20 years studying chemotherapy and the effects that it has on the body.  He found that chemotherapy is ineffective on the body, and it often causes pain.

Cancer Does Not Kill, Chemotherapy Does

He believes that those that use chemotherapy will die faster then those that opt to not use chemo and will be in more pain as well.  Dr. Jones found that chemotherapy will accelerate the deterioration of the body and reduce the life expectancy.

What is more with this is that the cancer industry is well aware of this, yet they do nothing about it.

Dr. Jones says that those that opt not to do chemotherapy will live an average of 12 years longer then those that do chemo.  Those that have done chemo die about 3 years after being diagnosed with cancer, with some even dying as fast as one or two months after the chemotherapy is started. Those that suffer from breast cancer and do not have chemo will live four times longer on average versus those that have opted for this treatment.

Dr. Jones’ findings have been published in the New York Academy of Science Journals.

In 1979, the American Medical Association Journal stated that the most popular techniques for treating breast cancer did not have positive effects in most patients.

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Big Pharma does not want patients to know that most die from chemotherapy and not the actual cancer itself. Chemo will help to prevent cancer from spreading by killing the healthy cells, then focusing on the cancerous cells. The immune system is blocked, as the cancer effected cells begin to absorb all the nutrients from the body, and actually block the immune system.  This makes the immune system so weak that it is threatened by pretty much anything.

Evidence has proven that chemotherapy will not help to eliminate colon, breast, or lung cancer, however, health officials are still opting for this method of choice.  It has been stated that modern medicine has found the cure for cancer, but all facts are hidden from the public.

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