Cannabis Oil – Excellent Natural Remedy for Colon Cancer Treatment

December 21, 2015

David Hibbitt [32 years old] from England was found out that he was suffer from bowel cancer stage 3. The doctor said that he has no more times to live than eighteen months. So, David Hibbitt decide to follow and take all conventional cancer treatment and apply chemotherapy method and radiotherapy treatment.
Cannabis Oil – Excellent natural remedy for colon cancer treatment

After he decided to take some cannabis oil as natural colon cancer treatment, he got one good reason to take this remedy. David Hibbitt told that conventional cancer treatment such as: chemotherapy and radiotherapy are more harmful that cannabis oil treatment.

However, some of David friend and colleagues recommend him to use this oil and he doesn’t think much before take it.

David spend fifty pound per gr and he was getting raw oil from his friend. 1 gr of this oil is enough for 1 month supply. He also told me that once you begin using the cannabis oil, then you will get feel high and this feeling can’t compared with chemotherapy feeling effects.

Once this effect is gone, you will feel better and free of pain. There are simple reasons to try this treatment. It is a proof that cannabis oil is good alternative cancer treatment and much better than any conventional treatment for colon cancer.

David decides to stay away and leave radiotherapy and chemotherapy and starting apply for cannabis oil.

After few months, he scanned the body and get incredible result and fantastic diagnose that his cancer was gone.

Mr. David is a father from 5 year old child and he is very happy that his children will not grow without their father. Mr. Hibbitt hope this story can encourage people to try and apply this treatment.

David’s fiance who work as nurse said that she felt skeptic about cannabis oil and try to stop David from this oil but after few months, she become realize that cannabis oil can produce and give amazing result. She also told David to do a lot of research and never give up for all effort.

Of course, they are happy now and live normal again. The cancer research in the United Kingdom claim that they didn’t know whether people apply cannabis oil to treat colon cancer and other serious diseases.

They said that there is no relevant and correlation between cannabis oil and safety of cancer treatment. However, if people such as: David decide to share and give important story frequently, cannabis oil will get status.

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