Find out the Real Cause of Pain

June 30, 2015

See how the Spine is Connected With your Organs

If there are various aches on the body, many times it is in connection to the spine.  This is why a person should do their best to treat the spine well.

The organs are all related to the spine, so it is best to pay attention to how you feel.

Did you know that up to 70% of headaches are due to pain in the spine?

Or that ringing in the ears may be from a dysfunction in the inter vertebral disc door?

This dysfunction can also lead to trouble swallowing food and even some vision issues.

There can be pain in the lower back, thighs and hip section if there are issues with the chest section of the spine.  This can make walking difficult if the legs are sensitive.

Many also do not realize that if there are hand aches or even numb hands, there is something wrong with the neck section of the spinal region.

The spine should be well taken care of.  This will ensure that a person is as healthy as they can be.


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