Healing Cavities with Oil Pulling

January 9, 2015

Healing Cavities with Oil Pulling

Dental cavities can be really annoying and potentially dangerous. If they are not treated in a timely manner of if they are not treated at all they can lead to more serious medical condition. Cavities are something really common especially in modern people. That’s why many people are trying everything they can to get rid of cavity formation or to protect their teeth.

They use toothpastes and other pharmaceutical products, but it seems that rarely any of these products provides significant results.
There are also people who are trying some methods used by alternative medicine. One of them is oil pulling.

Cavities with Oil Pulling

In case you didn’t know, oil pulling is a term used to describe a technique in which people swish coconut oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes every day. According to people who use this technique/method the results are fantastic and only after a week or two you can notice the positive effects – the teeth are much healthier and the sensitivity and cavities are gone.

So how does this method actually work?

Before we go into details it is good to mention that this method is considered to be controversial and even ridiculous by many dentists. According to many dentists and dentistry science, the cavities are permanent formations which cannot be healed – they can only be fixed with filling and other materials used for their repair. This is something that we all know and practice.

If we notice cavities we know that a visit to the dentist’s office is a must and we expect to get a filling or some other medical intervention in order to get rid of the problem. But, have you ever wondered why each part of our body can heal or evolve, but our teeth cannot be “fixed” in a natural way.

Does this make sense?

Of course, we can view teeth as regular bones, but even bones can heal over time.
Believe it or not modern science doesn’t have a definitive answer to this question. According to some researchers, the fault for this situation lies in people themselves. From the moment we have decided to enter the agricultural area we have “agreed” to many changes in our bodily systems.

This topic has been studied for years and an award winning documentary made 20 years ago has presented one of the most significant evidences. This documentary was exploring the lives of the members of the Kogi Indian tribe living in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. In this documentary as well as in the lectures performed by the author of this movie Alan Ereira we can notice that the members of the Kogi Indian tribe had perfect teeth health although they don’t have access to any modern dental care facility.

This was the reason for other scientists to research the lives of Kogi Indians and they were convinced that their diet which consists of consumption of food that comes from the wild environment instead of typical agricultural environment which comes from soils that lack minerals is the main reason for their amazing teeth health. A similar study was conducted by Dr. Weston A. Price who explored the dental health of people living in remote tribes all over the world.

All these things lead us to one conclusion – toot2h regeneration is possible and what is even better this process is really simple. The deterioration of tooth health is caused not by bacteria, but by lack of certain nutrients in our diet. On the other hand, traditional methods of teeth protection like using toothpastes are not really working because people are experiencing problems even though they regularly brush their teeth. That’s when oil pulling comes into play.

The problem with cavities is that they form some sort of shield over the tooth and this shield cannot be penetrated by nutrients which come in regular form. Oils on the other hand can penetrate through plaque and reach the tooth’s surface. Coconut oil is oil that has excellent anti-bacterial properties and that’s why people recommended for oil pulling. With the help of coconut oil you will be able to pull out the bacteria dwelling in your teeth and let your teeth regenerate.




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