The Cavity-Reversing Tooth Powder That Makes Going to the Dentist Unnecessary

May 23, 2016

Many people have teeth problems but  they  tend  to use  natural based toothpaste and healthier diet. Oral health and tooth decay can be shown from inside, that is with the food choice. Dr. Weston says:

The Cavity-Reversing Tooth Powder That Makes Going to the Dentist Unnecessary

“One of the problems that contribute to our unhealthy diet is the Phytic acid which can be found in seeds, nuts, beans and grains. Phosphorus is stored by the phytic acid in a number of plant issues especially a portion of eatable grains and different seeds.

The mineral phosphorus is tightly bound in a molecule with a snowflake shape. It is not available at once in human or animal abdominal. This mineral has the ability to bind immediately with another mineral like magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron and make them not available. This compound is named phytic.

For a good digestion we need enzymes but the phytic acid grabs important minerals and prevents the breakdown of the starch into sugar. Another mineral inhibited by phytates is Trypsin which digests protein.

The diet high in phytate grains has an anti-nutritional effect on our overall digestion, and as a result there is the appearance of several health diseases as well as tooth decay.”

This homemade toothpaste has only one failure it can leave excess in the sink and you might have problems with the coconut oil as it is part of the toothpaste.

Healing clay has many beneficial characteristics and in order to incorporate it in your oral hygiene you should considerate the difference in texture between clay and coconut oil.

The healing powder toothpaste is easier to make and instead of essential oils you can use powdered herbs as an inexpensive alternative.

Why Tooth Powder?

The tooth powder consists of a very important ingredient called Bentonite Clay, which draws out the toxins and heavy metals, and it is full of minerals and alkaline. It is safe to use it because you can take it internally and it contains silica, magnesium and calcium which nourish the teeth as well as removal for toxins.

Some herbs articles claim that Bentonite is a clay that swells. When you mix it with water immediately swells and the toxins are bound during electrical attraction.

It has specific taste and is very gentle especially for children. You can use Bentonite for healing poultices, to keep the color of your hair and facial masks.

The rest of the ingredients are good as well:

– cloves powder is antibacterial and with great taste
– calcium powder provides magnesium for minerals and more calcium
baking soda removes stains, contains minerals and is alkaline
– mint has a great taste
– xylitol gives sweetness
– cinnamon is antibacterial helps in reducing bacteria from mouth

The recipe for the tooth powder is:


  • one Tablespoon Baking Soda
  • four Tablespoons Bentonite Clay
  • three Tablespoons Calcium Powder
  • one tablespoon Cinnamon Powder
  • two Tablespoons Powdered Mint Leaf
  • one Tablespoon Xylitol Powder
  •  Essential oils for taste
  • one tablespoon of Cloves Powder

In a bowl mix all the ingredients with a spoon to make a good mixture and for storage use a glass jar. It can last for months and you can use more or less components.

How to Use Tooth Powder

You can dip the toothbrush into the powder but before that make it wet. Brush your teeth in the correct way by making them clean and your breath fresh. You can rinse with cold water if you are not too sensitive. It can be used by adults as well as for kids and a number of times daily.

Oral Health Regimen

You can have healthier and whither teeth by just using this tooth powder. A special diet and the right way of brushing can improve the regimen. Try this oral hygiene and feel the benefits from the tooth powder.

Source: theheartysoul

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