Why is Chemo Not Good as we Thought Before?

April 20, 2016

Based on several surveys, 75% of doctors refuse chemotherapy to be worn on themselves. The reason is they know the side effects of chemotherapy; moreover this therapy has a low success rate. Chemotherapy even gives more bad effects than the cancer itself by making the patient more susceptible to certain viruses, lowering immunity, and even causing death.

Why is Chemo Not Good as we Thought Before

During chemotherapy, a cold can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, we as lay people are difficult to obtain death statistics of chemotherapy because hospitals and doctors often blame the cancer.

The Truth about Cancer

West medical tends to underestimate traditional medicine and doctors often force patients to undergo several dangerous therapies such as radiation, surgery, to chemotherapy. Almost all of the therapies recommended by the western medical world actually worsen the patient’s condition.

Chemotherapy often kills patients faster than if they do not receive medical care at all. Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor of medical physics at the University of California, concludes that chemotherapy is likely to kill the patient. He concludes by his 25 year-experiences.

The good news, we can use a variety of natural therapies to replace the role of chemotherapy. We must realize that natural therapy does not cause side effects. Mike Adams, editor of Natural News states that it is important to educate consumers on how to protect their own health through a variety of natural therapies. I hope this short article can help you in protecting yourself from cancer-caused death.


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