This Is How Chinese Clothes Are Poisoning You

June 28, 2017

During the production of clothes in this modern time and facilities there are 8000 synthetic materials being used that most users and byers think are safe when in fact these synthetic fibers and material can pose a huge threat to health. This industry makes 7000 billion dollars a year that is an extremely huge profit.

You have probably already felt the dangerous materials since they are all around especially in Chinese stores. The odor is very specific to these synthetic materials and it hits you the minute you enter through the door. It may seem harmless but you should always be careful whenever you smell that unusual, specific and artificial odor.

This odor comes from various chemicals that come from Asian countries where as in the EU and America they are banned from use. That is why most clothes and materials in China are made from these artificial synthetic materials because the regulations for them there are very mild and not so severe like in Europe or America.

Using these materials can be a great health risk of many humans and the environment too. Wearing any clothes with Chinese origin and this specific smell can cause unexplained rashes on the skin, infertility, lung problems, redness, insomnia and many other dangerous health problems and even cancer.

Make sure you read all the labels before buying a product and buy less from these unexplained sources that make chemically infused materials and clothes. Wear less of them in order to avoid health issues.

The toxins that come from these clothes can enter through our skin easily and cause damage from the inside and out without us noticing. They can enter the lymphatic system, the blood, liver and infiltrate other organs as well.

These chemicals can affect the immunity as well and some of them include: phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial colorings, acetate, nylon, acrylic, triacetate, rayon, polyester and so many other harmful ingredients that release that very recognizable artificial and plastic odor. That is not a good thing to wear on the skin since it can be easily absorbed no matter how many times you wash it.

Pieces of clothing that are additionally dyes are even more dangerous that others since the additives can be cancerous and contain even more chemicals that make them resistant to stains and reduce electricity, unpleasant odors and bacteria infections.

Avoid all clothes manufactured in China and synthetic and buy more clothes that are made from organic cotton and that do not contain herbicides, pesticides or synthetic dyes in order to protect your health.


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