Chlorella: for detoxification and strengthen immunity natural and powerful

October 5, 2013

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Chlorella is unicellular type of green algae that contains the photosynthetic pigments – chlorophyll.
Reproducing is very quickly, by way of photosynthesis, and need only carbon dioxide,
water,sunlight and small amounts of minerals.

Chlorella (1)

She is appealing source of food, because it is a rich in protein and other important nutritious ingredients.
In the dry form chlorella containing about 45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carbohydrates, 5% vegetable fiber, and 10% minerals and vitamins.
Specifically, It contains 18 amino acids (including all essential amino acids),
all B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, beta-carotene, magnesium, iron, and folic acid.

Chlorella also contains one unique phytonutrients ( sporopollenin ), which binds with toxins and throws them out of the body ,
and is more efficient than any other natural substance .
He has the ability to cleanse the body from biotoxins(tuberculosis and tetanus ),’s filtered xenobiotics (pesticides and industrial waste),
scanning eliminates heavy metals (mercury , lead, nickel , and aluminum) , and ejected them out of the body preservatives,
artificial colors and aroma , which has them in food .

Some clinical research in the locations suggest that chlorella has the ability to reduce the high blood pressure ,
to reduce the level of serum cholesterol to accelerate recovering the wounds and make them improve immune function in humans .


As a medicine, used for chlorella pollution cancer, reducing the side effects of treatment with radiation,
enhance the reaction in influenza vaccines , increasing the white blood cells ( especially with people with HIV or cancer ) ,
pollution fly , and the slowing aging process .
She also used to be the best increase the bacteria in the intestines , in order to improve digestion ,
and to assist in treating the ulcers, colitis , Crohn’s disease , diverticulosis , and fibromyalgia .

Its most often use is to increase the energy , detoxify the body , and as a source of magnesium in order to promote mental health ,
easing the PMS , and reduction of asthma attacks .

Chlorella can be used daily, but in the short term (up to 2 months), and then to make a few weeks break.
Frequently adverse effects include diarrhea,nausea,gas,cramps in the abdomen (especially in the first week of use).
But in the majority of cases, this does not effect the use of chlorella, but reactions to the process of detoxification of the organism.

The use of chlorella in progress of pregnancy and lactation has not been studied enough,
and therefore, it is recommended not its proper consumption.

Commonly consumed stirred into juices, or as a supplement in some other edible.
Soon we will give u some recipes for use.

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