Cilantro and Chlorella can Remove 80% of Heavy Metals from the Body within 42 Days

May 10, 2016

We often do not realize the presence of metals in our bodies. Mercury, aluminum and cadmium can seep into the bone and central nervous system. They can accumulate in the long term (over the years) and eventually lead to serious health problems.

Cilantro and Chlorella can Remove 80% of Heavy Metals from the Body within 42 DaysFortunately, you can use a combination of cilantro and chlorella to remove heavy metals out of your body.

Chelating agent is what you need because it serves to bind heavy metal ions that are then excreted through the excretory duct. Pharmaceuticals such as 2,3-Dimercaprol have long been used to treat arsenic, but they carry some side effects, so we need to turn to natural medicine.

Dr. George Georgiou suggested that we, especially health practitioners, to limit the use of synthetic chelating agents, such as DMSA, DMPS, and EDTA. They are capable of removing heavy metals out of the body, but they also give a huge burden on the body’s natural detoxification system.

In conjunction with chlorella, cilantro is the most recommended one because it can get rid of heavy metal elements in a way to mobilize them. Yet this may be a side effect, which is flooding the connective tissue (the area where the nerves reside) with metals.

If another ingredient is not involved, then the use cilantro will be detoxing and toxifying at the same time! This was proven in people who ate cilantro salad regularly. They got some side effects, such as joint pain, excessive acne, and moodiness due to unconscious detoxification process.

Addition of Chlorella

A recent clinical study reported that chelation of heavy metals, with cilantro and chlorella as two major components, capable of removing 74% of aluminum, 87% of lead, and 91% of the mercury in just 42 days.
The nature of Chlorella
Chlorella is the antiviral agent that serves to bind toxins, including dioxins. It can increase glutathione, the master of natural antioxidant agent. The ingredient is also able to repair the nervous system (thanks to the content of methyl-coblolamine), increasing the intake of fatty acids (thanks to the content of gamma lineolic and acid alpha), restore the healthy intestinal flora, give a lot of amino acids that are suitable for vegetarians, provide intake of B6 and B12, and so forth.
While coriander has several benefits as follows:
• Coping with nausea
• Increasing HDL cholesterol while lowering LDL
Preventing bloating
• Overcoming urinary tract infections
• Improving liver health
• Antibacterial agent
• Preventing swelling

The combination of coriander and cilantro is highly recommended for both ingredients are supporting ‘relaxed’ arteries that will facilitate the mobilization of the toxins out of the body.


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