Common Myths about Hangover

February 10, 2014

Common Myths about Hangover

Excessive drinking disturbs the central nervous system. Alcohol reacts with chemicals in the brain and dizziness occurs, also headaches and nausea, and vomiting occurs frequently and then dehydration.

The price of alcohol which you pay is a heavy morning headache, fatigue, thirst, restless stomach and weakened immunity more more know like Hangover.

Myth: Hangover doesn’t recognise man or women.

Fact: Do not overdo it with alcohol. If a man and a woman drink the same amount of alcohol, the women are as likely to feel the effects of alcohol. It is because men have a higher percentage of water in the body and helps to dilute the alcohol they drink, and they have a bigger quantity of alcohol dehydrogenase than women. When women will drink the same amount, the alcohol will be piled into their bloodstream.


Myth: Only heavy drinking can lead to hangover.

Fact: You do not have to get drunk to the final stage to feel the hangover.Is enough to have a few drinks and in the morning you feel headache and other symptoms of a hangover. Drinking a certain amount of water between each drink could help fight dehydration and to reduce the consequences.


Myth: Wine is the weakest alcoholic beverage.

Fact: Red wine contains tannins, a substance which is known to cause headaches. Some drinks like whiskey are known to cause severe headaches. If you are concerned about how you will feel in the morning, the best choice for you is pure liquor like vodka and gin or beer.
Myth: Diet cocktails are safe.

Fact: Diet drinks may help if you are concerned about calories, but not if you want to avoid a hangover. Research shows that mixtures of fruit juices and other alcoholic beverages that containins sugar do not cause severe hangover.
Myth: Whiskey before beer.

Fact: The choice is not much important as quantity. The standard dose of certain different drinks contains the same amount of alcohol. Do not be fooled about amount of the some drinks and the effects of alcohol.

Myth: Eat pasta before bedtime.

Fact: Quite wrong in two occasions. First, eating at bedtime (after you already had alcohol) is not helpful. You need to eat before the alcohol for it to have any effect. Second, although any food can slow the absorption of alcohol into your body, fats food make it the best. Take steak or pizza before your martini and you may avoid the hangover. Here’s a tip for bedtime – drink plenty of water to fight the dehydration.
Myth: Alcohol helps you sleep well.

Fact: Quite the opposite. It is quite true that alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, but it undermines the quality of your sleep. Then you do not spend much time in REM stages and you can wake up at any time. If you overdo it with alcohol, hangover could hit late at night and prevent you from getting to sleep again.


Myth: Coffee is the cure.

Fact: Coffee leads to dehydration and can worsen your hangover. After a night filled with alcohol, it is best to avoid all that is rich in caffeine the next day. Instead, drink water and sports drinks to fight the dehydration and to replace electrolytes.
Myth: Herbs Can Help.

Fact: British researchers reviewed studies which included anti-hangover tablets based on the yeast and artichoke extract. It was proven that they didn’t found any evidence that they are working. Another British team of researchers again found a supplement that comes from the pear and can reduce nausea and thirst after hangover, but no headache.



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