Food Products that Control the Appetite

July 8, 2015

We did a thorough research and we found 5 food products that will help you control the desire to eat.

 control apetitte


An Apple before Meal

It would be ideal to eat an apple half an hour before meal, because it will make you feel satiated, meaning you will eat less.

Having in mind that the apples are full of water and fibers, they are ideal fruits to snack.

Cucumbers for Better Metabolism

They contain very little calories and a lot of water which makes them ideal foods for everyone that wants to lose weight.

You can eat them raw or pickled, because they stimulate a hormone that sends signals from the intestines and stomach to the brain, telling it that you are full. They also act as probiotic.

Chili Peppers
The capsaicin found in the peppers, speed up the metabolism and helps control the appetite. If you add ½ teaspoon in the meal, you will get satiated faster and eat less, and you will intake 25% less calories during the day.

Almonds to Stop the Feeling of Hunger

All the nuts, especially the almonds, are help to stop the feeling of hunger, because they are rich in healthy unsaturated fats, proteins and fibers. These three nutrients together regulate the metabolism and the blood sugar level. When the blood sugar is down you have a feeling of hunger.

Dark Chocolate is a Good Choice

If you crave something sweet, the best choice is dark chocolate containing more cocoa mass. Research has shown that it can help lower the blood pressure and aids the health of the circulatory system; it is a good ally in the fight against the tameless appetite.

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