How to Cook Rice with Coconut Oil to Burn More Fat and Absorb Half the Calories

May 28, 2016

All calories that go inside not always come out as the old saying claims. But, our metabolism and our desire for weight loss do not agree.

How to Cook Rice with Coconut Oil to Burn More Fat and Absorb Half the CaloriesThe USDA (US Department of Agriculture) affirms that Americans eat more than they can.

The data they explain the increased consummation of food and calories for twice more than usual. This means 500 calories more which is quite a lot then 1970s as measures 20 % more. The overweight of the Americans has been shown with these results.

A new method for cooking rice was found by Sudhair James, which, supposedly, reduce the absorption of calories by fifty or sixty per cent.

He made the rice a resistant starch with the ability to resist the absobtion of sugar or starch in the bloodstream of our body.

As all the other starches, rice is very digestible and the process of turning into sugar or glucose in the blood is very quick.

The majority of the starch is stored in muscles and liver in a form of glycogen. The extra glucose is stored as fat which can cause many health problems as well as obesity.

If the starch is resistant, the risk of the excess glucose to remain in the blood will be reduced. In this way the colon cells will be healthier.

The Secret Ingredient is Coconut Oil

The process of the rice being resistant starch is very easy to do:

In boiling water, dissolve one tablespoon of coconut oil. While stirring, add half cup of rice. Wait until is cooked well (between 20 to 40 minutes). Then put it into the refrigerator and let it sit there for 12 hours.

This method provides more resistant starch (even ten times more).

How It Functions

When the rice cooks, the coconut oil makes the sugar resistant to the enzymes in the digestive tract and can prevent them to be dissolved and digested.

During the twelve hour cooling, the starch will bound with rice’s molecules and the sugar will become resistant. Resistant starch levels won’t be effected if you heat the rice.

Many studies try to find out if any specific rice type is out there with the ability to reduce calories.

Never overeat rice since it can cause disruption of blood sugar levels.

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