Could You Be Pooping Wrong All the Time and you Don’t Know About It

November 9, 2015

You  may be shocked to learn that you are most likely using the toilet the wrong way.  Experts at the Pelvic Floor Clinic in the Stanford University say that it is much more natural for a person to squat rather than sit when having a bowel movement.  Bathroom habits throughout history have shown us this.

Could You Be Pooping Wrong All the Time and you Don't Know About It

Now some may be thinking what is the big deal?  I poop while sitting.  Well, sitting while having a bowel movement may lead to not only hemorrhoids, but also colon cancer, hernias, inflammatory bowel movements, and diverticulitis.

In 2003 a study was conducted on 28 individuals.  These were divided into 3 groups using 3 different sitting positions.  The first group sat on the toilet that was low.  The second group sat on a high toilet and the third group had the individuals squatting.  Pooping was found to be much easier when those individuals squatted and also took less time.

Anish Sheth, MD, has stated that squatting while having a bowel movement has  a physiological sense.

This is due to the fact that when standing, the colon is pushed against the puborectalis muscle.  This muscle is what causes  a person the urge to go.  When one sits down, the muscles will relax partially, but when one squats, the muscles relax all the way.  This will make the colon stretch out, which will make the elimination process easier.

When one squats, they are preventing stagnation of waste, which will help reduce the chance of colon cancer.  The small intestine will not be contaminated as waste will not be allowed to enter this way.

And bladder control will be better as the pelvic nerves and pelvic floor are better protected. The prostate health will also be better.  The uterus will also not have pressure on it, which will allow pregnant woman to have a more natural delivery.

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