Cucumber Nutritional Benefits

July 22, 2014

We present you the Cucumber Nutritional and Health Benefits

Cucumber is a vegetable that gives us an ideal refreshment in summer days.

Cucumber Nutritional BenefitsNutritional Value of Cucumber:

– Cucumber has a low energy value. 100 grams of cucumber has 14 kcal, 1.8 g carbohydrates, 0.7 g protein and 0.5 g fat.

– From minerals cucumber contains mostly potassium, followed by phosphorus, calcium, sodium , also contain the important nail health-promoting mineral silica.

– Contains Vitamin C and small amount of B vitamin.

– In 100 g. of fresh cucumber has 0.4 fibers.

Cucumber Nutritional BenefitsMedicinal properties of cucumber:

– Ideal vegetable for dieting – (due to the low energy value).

– In folk medicine cucumber was used “for treatment of diabetes,” the researchers confirmed   that there are chemical substances whose structure resembles like insulin.

– Cucumber juice is a great tool for maintaining the health of connective tissue muscles  and    cartilage.

– Grated cucumber removes eye bags better than the chopped cucumber wheels.

– Cucumber has anticancer and anti-inflammatory effect.

Cucumber Nutritional Benefits– Cucumber is an excellent diuretic – because of the large amount of water in it.

Cleans the blood and skin of the acidic ingredient.

– Dissolves uric acid, which is very important for kidney or bladder stones.

– Beneficial effect on the reduction of blood sugar.

– Natural beauty product for face and body care, by far the best tool for the elimination of numerous impurities of the skin and skin diseases.

Cucumber Nutritional BenefitsFresh cucumber juice cures:

– Skin diseases on head, face and hands, eczema, freckles, blackheads and acne, and skin inflammation, burns and ulcers, chronic bowel obstruction.

– Helps women in menopause.

– Cucumber juice helps to strengthen vision and eyes.

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