How to Cure Drooping Veins

July 9, 2015

Drooping veins are quite unsightly.  However, you can use this home remedy to get rid of them.  You can begin by gathering flowers and buds from the horse chestnut.

Drooping Veins

These buds and flowers will have tannin in them as well as esculin.  This will help deal with any skin disease that the body has as well as dilute the blood and make it not as sticky.

Horse chestnuts are a great method to use for veins.  But horse chestnuts can also be used for sunburn ointments, tea to help with fever, loosen bowels, and reducing anxiety.

To treat varicose veins externally, take 20 horse chestnuts and crush.  Add them to 1 liter of brandy, then seal the jar for 40 days.  Mix often with a wooden spoon.  After 40 days, strain then keep in a closed container.  Shake well before use.  Cover the varicose veins but do not rub the solution in.  The brandy will be soaked into the skin. Treat the veins several times per day.  This will also work well for cellulite.

You can also extract horse chestnuts.  Grate 4 to 5 horse chestnuts, then pour 1 liter of cold cognac over  them. Leave this mixture in a bottle for 6 to 8 weeks and then strain well.  This should be consumed in drops to treat not only varicose veins but also to help with varicose capillaries of the legs.

A horse chestnut ointment may also be made extracting 20g of horse chestnuts and mixing with 60 g of heated lanolin. Blend with a wooden spoon then spread onto the varicose veins, then cover with plastic wrap.  Be advised that this product should not be made or mixed with iron or tin utensils or dishes.

One can also fight dysentery by making a tea from 1 liter of water with 30 g of bark. Diarrhea can be fought by grating half a chestnut and combing it with merlot or coffee.


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