Cure from nature St. John's wort

October 28, 2013

Cure from the nature.

St. John’s wort(Hypericum) is harvested during flowering ( May and June ) . It contains large amounts of essential oils.Also tannins , resins , hypericin , carotene , choline , vitamin C. Trace of alkaloids and other herbal ingredients.

Medicinal ingredients of St. John’s wort has great effect in many health disorders in the human body .

St. John’s wort has antiseptic properties . St.John’s wort oil is used in traditional and folk medicine. It is used as a disinfectant for faster recovery of cuts , burns and for healing of wounds.

St. John's wort Cure

Also St. John’s wort oil is used in cosmetics for protection and skin care. Often used for massaging the face and body, acne treatment , skin ulcers.

St. John’s wort acts as an analgetic. Bets of wort are used to reduce pain in injured muscle . The swelling and hematoma ( bleeding under the skin injury ) . Sprains of joints , as well as many other diseases of the bones – joint system ( rheumatism , degenerative rheumatism – arthrosis of the shoulder , knee , hip ,rheumatism metabolic gout , lumbago and sciatica ) .

In folk medicine , tea wort is used to treat respiratory diseases ( chronic bronchitis , asthma , cough ) . Wort tea helps with diseases of the bladder , liver , spleen and the gallbladder .

St. John’s wort has been proven as an effective natural remedy for stomach upsets ( acid reflux , gastritis , intestinal spasms , intestinal parasites and hemorrhoids ). And remedy for faster healing of superficial wounds.

St. John's wort cure

St. John’s wort acts as a mild sedative. It treats mild forms of depression , anxiety and nervousness .

But a German study showed that St. John’s wort is useful for people who suffer from severe depression .

The research was conducted Dr. Klaus Linde and colleagues from the University of Merlin . It was done on 5500 patients suffering from severe depression . Dr. Linde came to these results by comparing the effect of St. John’s wort and a placebo effect , and the effect of some antidepressants .

St. John’s wort has been shown to more effective than placebo ( fake drug ) and even some antidepressants used to treat depression .

Moreover , the researchers say that St. John’s wort has no sideeffects that can occur with drug therapy for depression .

In Germany, St. John’s wort regularly is recommended for patients suffering from depression .

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