Activated Charcoal Cure millions of years old

October 12, 2013

Activated charcoal for internal and external use:

Healing properties of the charcoal are based on its outstanding ability to bind to bacterial toxins and other substances that are introduced into the body, or as a product of metabolic processes.

How the charcoal is produced?

The plant receives charcoal by burning wood, and the process is interrupted just at the stage when charcoal is filament.
To obtain charcoal it is used wood from eucalyptus, linden, walnut, cherry, apple or some other wood.
Charcoal can be created if the ash is put into an airtight container and close it, or if covered with tin plate and cover with soil.

In this way we get the so-called activated charcoal, which then has to be grinded. The finer is charcoal grinded, the more is effective.

Activated Charcoal

Oral usage:

Activated charcoal should be drunk for: bad breath, stomach ulcer, inflammation of intestines, problems with the digestive tract, colitis, hepatitis, cancer and poisoning.
1-2 tablespoons of charcoal powder, mixed in some water, it should be consumed 2-3 times a day before meals.
For children: liquid should be prepared at night and should be leaved to stand through the night, and the next day can be consumed without the sediment.

External usage:

In type of coatings, it is used for: wounds, insect stings, cellulite, subcutaneous ulcers, abdominal pain, various inflammatory processes, injury to joints, eczema and others.

Coating of charcoal powder and linseed flour

Grind the flaxseed to prepare the flour, which is then mixed with charcoal powder in equal parts (1:1).

On a spoonful of the mixture is added three tablespoons water (1:3).

Then put the liquid on medium fire and cook it with constant stirring until the mixture becomes sticky.

The mixture is applied on multilayered gauze, cover with plastic wrap and on the top cover with cloth; it should be fixed with a bandage, and stored for 1-8 hours.

After removal of the coating, the place should be rubbed with a cloth dipped in alcohol.

Paste for rheumatic and injured joints, arthritis:

Activated Charcoal

The paste is made of charcoal powder and tea from hot red pepper (2 tsp. pepper powder and 250 ml boiling water, let it stand for 5 min). Apply the paste (with a thickness of 5-6 mm) on multilayered gauze.

The coating should be wrapped with plastic foil, and on the top- placed towel or woolen material and fix it with a bandage.
Coating should stand 1-8 hours. When it is removed, the skin should be rubbed with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

WARNING: If coal is placed on an open wound, can leave stains on the skin and acts as a asset for tattooing.



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