How To: Determine Your Stress Level In 2 Seconds

April 4, 2016

These optical illusions can express your stress level in 2 seconds!

How To Determine Your Stress Level In 2 Seconds

Stress is one of the major epidemics in the United States, and based on what said by, not less than 44% of Americans are more stressed than their circumstances five years ago., an organization dealing with stress, suggesting that stress is the cause of 10% of strokes and 60% of various other diseases. Based on some studies 75% of doctor visits are caused by stress and lead to not less $ 300 billion in medical bills and loss of $ 100 billion for national obesity costs. We must realize that one of the causes of obesity is stress.

Do you know how to detect your stress level?

Are there signs such as headache, chest pain, and muscle tension that could serve as a benchmark that you are suffering from chronic stress?
A Japanese psychiatrist named Akioshi Kitaoka has created a unique method that can be used to test a person’s stress level.

He created a series of images that by seeing them then you can determine your stress level. You can see the pictures below.

If you look these images move then you can be called is suffering from high stress. The faster the images move, the higher your stress. If you see them remain silent then you are not in a high-stress condition.

How To Determine Your Stress Level In 2 Seconds test1


How To Determine Your Stress Level In 2 Seconds test2



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