Detoxing the Body with Plastic Wrap

June 10, 2015

Beauty salons all over the world are offering plastic wrap treatments. This treatment can easily be used at home. It will help the blood in the body circulate as well as boost the sweat glands.

Wrapping in Plastic Wrap

The plastic wrap can also help to detoxify the body. Harmful toxins have been lost by using this method, and people have also been able to lose some weight. There are different methods for using plastic wrap. Tin foil can also be used. Here we will discuss wrapping the body with two different elements, honey and clay.
To use honey with plastic wrap, place honey in a small bowl and heat for a bit. Add one egg yolk with a few drops of essential oil (citrus). Apply the mixture to the areas that you wish to be treated, such as the thighs and stomach.

Wrap the area with tin foil or plastic wrap(tin foil will work better because there will be greater pressure). Place some warm clothing over the area and allow it to set for one hour.

Remove the wrap and rinse the body with water.
To use clay, mix blue clay with some warm water. Apply the creamy mixture to the areas that are desired to be treated then wrap the area with plastic wrap or tin foil. Put on some warm clothing, keeping the area wrapped for one hour.

For best results, you can do some physical activity at this time.
This treatment should be done two times or more per week to see the best results. Skin treated will appear to be softer and smoother and rejuvenated. To see the best results, do a full body scrub before the start of the treatment.
Either of these methods will help to remove cellulite from the body, and will help to sculpt the body. It is inexpensive to use, and can help improve the performance of an individual in a gym or when working out.

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