Dissolve Stubborn Fat With Cumin

January 11, 2016

Cumin, a peppery spice, has lots of rich history to it.  Did you know that priests were often paid in Cumin seeds. Or that this yellow spice was mentioned in the bible?  And in Egypt, it was used to preserve the mummies of pharaohs.

Dissolve Stubborn Fat With Cumin

But Cumin can also aid in burning calories off the body.  Eighty eight obese woman were used in a study that was conducted in Iran.  They were each assigned to one of two groups.  Each group was given nutritional counseling, as well as low calorie diets.  However, the first group was given yogurt with 3 g Cumin added to it twice daily, while the second group was only given plain yogurt.

The results of this study were published in the Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practices.  The first group who at the cumin had an average weight loss of 50% more then those that did not eat the cumin in a 3 month time span.  The body fat percentage also dropped by 14.64%. Members of the cumin group also saw the circumference of their waist and body mass decrease significantly compared to the second group.

Weight loss through this spice can be attributed to the heat of this spice.  Our metabolism is boosted temporarily when we eat this spice.  Blood lipid levels were also reduced by a significant amount.

Triglycerides dropped by 23 points in the first group and 5 in the second group.  LDL cholesterol levels fell by 10 points average on the first group and less then one point in the second group.

So go ahead and grab some of this spice.  It will surely help with reducing cholesterol levels and one’s triglycerides.  And it will also reduce any chance of developing metabolic syndrome. This spice helps to minimize the absorption of cholesterol by modulating lipids in a positive way.

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