Do Fast Liver Detoxification by Using This Recipe!

February 10, 2016

Cleanse Your Liver without Pain with Only One Sip and Look Younger

Want to do a liver detoxification easily? In this article, I will give a recipe that can clean up your heart in a matter of minutes. You should be aware beforehand that the heart is a factory of blood.

Do Fast Liver Detoxification by Using This Recipe!

Liver function as blood-purifying agent releases various toxins and impurities from the body. As a cleaning agent, the condition of the liver must be constantly maintained, therefore I will give you a recipe below:

1. One tablespoon of olive oil
2. One tablespoon of lemon juice

Lemon is a good source of vitamin C which also can clean the blood vessels from cholesterol, including the blood vessels in the liver. On the other hand, olive oil supports liver’s bile which is very useful in the process of digestion.

Consumption of olive oil regularly will minimize the risk of heart disease, stroke, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

By consuming a combination of olive oil and lemon juice then you will find that your skin looks brighter and younger. You’ll also find your digestion conditions improved. For some of these results, you need to consume this magical recipe within a month.

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