Do You Smoke More Than Five Years?

June 9, 2015

Make This Remedy And Get Rid of Cough!

If you smoke more than five years probably you have bronchitis, which is followed by characteristic cough.
If you cannot leave the cigarettes, try with a natural remedy to stop the uncomfortable cough.


The remedy is simple and contains onion, water, brown sugar, turmeric and ginger. Here is the recipe:

Put the brown sugar in a bowl, pour the water over it and leave it to boil. Then, add the peeled and chopped onion, the turmeric and the peeled ginger root.

Wait the ingredients to boil, and then reduce the heat. When the mixture will reduce on half, turn the heat off. Leave the mixture to cool down, and then pour it in a jar.

Leave it for 1-2 hours, at room temperature and put it in a fridge.

Take two teaspoons a day, in the morning, before breakfast or in the evening, two hours after dinner.

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