Doctors Warn: Don’t Wear Flip Flops For THIS Dangerous Reason!

August 11, 2016

There is no summer without our favorite flip flops, but can you imagine that these summer footwear can bring many health problems? Even the experts say that they are the most dangerous footwear ever existing.Doctors Warn Don’t Wear Flip Flops For THIS Dangerous Reason!Why is this true and what is the cause? The first problem is that they expose your feet to great stress.

Jim Christina, a director of scientific affairs at APMA says that flip flops can make your foot even more flat. If you already posses feet prone to flattening, then these footwear do not give the necessary support.

The feet tend to over-flatten and because of the flip flops many feet conditions can occur, for example the very painful plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation of the tissue located on the bottom of the feet.

Since they are floppy, our fingers need to do everything in their power to keep the flip-flops on our feet. As a result of this extra hard work there is a condition called hammertoe, in which the knuckles of the toes arch upwards in an unnatural and painful way.

The risk covered before are a consequence of wearing flip-flops regularly. Imagine what this can do when you stumble, since everyone of us do this since it is part of wearing them.

If you do stumble inevitably, this skimpy kind of footwear will not help you at all. There will be no ankle protection or coverage against any sharp rocks. The fall might be caused by the flip-flops buy the consequences and dealing with them is all yours.

Everyone thinks that flip-flops keep the feet fresh, breezy and safe from all the bacteria which are potentially dangerous. Buy, this belief is completely wrong.

Two reporter form New York Times gave their flip-flops in a lab. They found out that the foam releases a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus which is deadly.

And this is not all! There even 18,100 more harmful bacteria on the flip-flops, which is a lot.

It is better for us to go barefoot instead, seriously.

Our feet are exposed to this bacteria as well. While most of us take clean shower and wash the feet thoroughly after being at the beach, we never take too much care for the flip-flops. They also need a good scrubbing.

The only way we can solve the foot support problem is by walking barefoot, since our feet were created for supporting the weight of our body naturally. During the past decades shoes were luxury for many people, that is why they all got around barefoot.

For more information about the physical and mental benefits of barefoot walking watch the video below.

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