How to secure domestic supplies of GINGER

February 11, 2015

How to secure domestic supplies of GINGER

But did you know that this herb is also ideal for growing at home. It is very easy to raise, does not require a lot of sun, and you can at any time pluck part of it and then leave the rest to grow in soil.
How to plant GINGER
The best ginger for planting can be found in a catalog of seeds or the nearest garden center. It is very difficult to find from local growers.

ginger planting

Ginger from a local store is often sprayed with an inhibitor of growth that can not sprout before it is purchased. This inhibitor protects the ginger from sprouting if you plant it in a bucket of soil. Also ginger from the store can be coated with pesticides and fungicides.

If you supplied from a local store make sure you leave the ginger in water overnight in order to remove as much of the pesticides and inhibitors of growth as possible.

When growing ginger indoors, there are many helpful tips that one can utilize. First off, one should remember that the root of the ginger plant should have tight skin that is plump. Never choose one that has shriveled, old skin. There should be several bumps (buds) on it that resemble the eye of a potato.
These buds can be slightly green. If there are several eye buds, each bud can be planted in it’s own container for several plants.

The pot should be wide and shallow. As the ginger roots grow, they will grow horizontally, so the ginger must have enough space to grow accordingly.

To grow ginger indoors, follow these easy steps:
1. Soak ginger root in warm water overnight. This will help get the root ready for planting.
2. Fill the pot of your choice with a potting soil that drains well but is very rich.
3. Place the ginger root with the eye bud facing upwards in the soil, covering it with one to two inches of soil.
4. Water the soil well, then place the pot in a spot that does not get too much sunlight. The spot should stay warm.
5. Keep the soil moist by watering lightly or misting with a water bottle. The ginger will take some time to grow, but after a few weeks, shoots will pop up. Water or mist the plant on a regular basis to keep it moist and continue to keep the plant warm.

After the ginger has grown for three to four months, harvesting can begin. The soil can be pulled away from the pot at the edges to find the rhizomes beneath the surface. These may be cut off at the edge of the pot and then the plant should be returned to soil. The ginger will continue to produce roots as it is cared for.


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