Dust Mite Infestations are Found in 4 Out of 5 Homes. Kill them with THIS Natural Solution!

June 11, 2016

Dust parasites are the tiny little bugs, who live in carpets, bedding or any covered furniture, love to feed on dead skin cells. Infections found due to dust mite in four out of five homes in America can cause plenty of allergies or respiratory health issues, along with some skin reactions on your body.

Dust Mite Infestations are Found in 4 Out of 5 Homes. Kill them with THIS Natural Solution!You can be sure that you have dust mite infestation if you sneeze, have running nose, itchy, red or water-full eyes itchy nose, congestion, itchy throat or roof of the mouth, you cough often blue under-eye area and facial pain or pressure. People suffering from asthma will experience breathing difficulties, wheezing, chest pain, increased sensitivity to cold and trouble sleeping.

One way to keep these creatures out of your home is to vacuum and wash your sheets constantly. But the throw pillows and mattresses are not very easy to clean since they have edges. If your vacuum cleaner dos not have hepa filter which cleans everything, all dust mites will stay at the place they were before.

We found a great way to kill and repel dust mites and that is with an eucalyptus oil solution in a spray bottle.

Eucalyptus Solution:


  1. Every item you cannot wash spray it with the solution.
  2. Dry them in a warm and dry place hanged up. (You should avoid humidity since it can increase the growth of mold.)
  3. In order to remove all dust mites, repeat three times a week.

Many studies show that eucalyptus and other essential oils are quite effective in fighting dust mite infestation, but it is not clear why this is so effective. You can be relieved because no dust mites are going to appear in future due to the eucalyptus oil and it is safe for you.

However, it is not safe for children under the age of ten. Meanwhile, you can use other oils that are also effective in cleaning the dust mites like the fennel or clove essential oil and they are safe as well but over the age of two..

Check out the video below for the whole process!

Kick out the dust mites out of your home immediately!

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