E- Cigarettes has 10x More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than the Regular Cigs

June 6, 2016

If you think that e-cigarettes are better than the traditional ones you are wrong. Many people think they are cheaper, safer and will dramatically reduce the risk of cancer however, this is not the case.
E- Cigarettes has 10x More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than the Regular Cigs

There is a report published by Nicotine and Tobacco Research, which claims that high-power e-cigarettes can produce formaldehyde which is a very potent carcinogen. These cigs can also create nicotine-laced smoke which is inhaled by the users. All these substances are highly toxic.

Researchers form Japan found that e-cigs can contain high levels of carcinogens more than the regular cigarettes. The level of formaldehyde is ten times more when found in the e-cigs’ smoke.

Naoki Kunugita gave explanation to the press on how this substance is produced. Namely, the wire is overheated and the liquid produces vapor which consists high amounts of the dangerous substances.

Justin McCurry of the Guardian reports that in nine sets out of ten, the increase of formaldehyde levels are more than ten-folds. This device produced over 1,600 micro grams of the toxic substance per fifteen puffs.

They also learned that e-cigarettes can increase the support of the pathogens which are resistant to drugs and can threaten your life. All this is based on a lab study in which the e-cigs are tested on MRSA and people’s cells to prove the harm.

The smoke inflamed the bacteria which is drug-resistant in order to increase its ability to create disease.  Also, it can reduce the capability of human cells to defend form the bacteria. MRSA usually lives in our throat which can worsen the situation and the negative effect of e-cigs smoke. The regular cigarette does the same thing but even worse.

The selling to e-cigarettes is banned by Food and Drug Administration who claimed that there will be stricter policies in the future. United Stations already banned the e-cigs within their borders.

This types of cigarettes are very popular among the young people. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) state that in 2013 more than quarter of a million youth used electronic cigarettes and they have not smoked real cigarettes. This number increased three times more, and even now these health destroyers are still used.

Source: stethnews

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