E-cigarettes: Good or Bad for your Health?

October 2, 2014

What exactly is an e-cigarette?

An electronic cigarette (also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs) is a specially designed device that transforms nicotine in smoke that can be inhaled in a relatively safe way. All of these devices are battery-charged.


On the other hand, not all e-cigarette models contain nicotine and even those who use nicotine don’t use nicotine levels in the same level as traditional cigarettes. Quality e-cigarettes are designed in a way that resembles standard cigarette, but it is not uncommon to find e-cigs that resemble some other devices that we use on daily basis (pens, flash light etc.).

How do they work?

As we have mentioned before not all e-cigarettes work in the same way. Most of them use e-liquids that are actually a mixture of dissolved nicotine and various aromas. Once they are heated they start to release smoke. Manufacturers often want to describe the whole process as evaporation rather than smoking because the final product is more like a steam than smoke released from traditional cigarettes.

The reason why people call this experience smoking is mostly because of the way these e-cigarettes are designed and because many people that try to give up smoking are using them. It is important to understand that these cigarettes don’t try to provide a similar experience with the one smokers get from smoking tobacco cigarettes especially if we look at the levels of nicotine.

E-cigarettesThe small amount of nicotine usually stops in the mouth of the user unlike standard cigarettes that bring the nicotine all the way to the lungs.

Furthermore, nicotine produced from traditional cigarettes reaches the brain too and that’s why people enjoy these cigarettes more but they are also prone to developing addiction.

Using e-cigarettes

One of the biggest advantages of using e-cigarettes is that you can use them wherever you want. Today, traditional cigarettes are prohibited in most public and indoor spaces like restaurants, shops, airplanes, stations etc.

E-cigarettes and the process of quitting smoking

Different researches suggest different things. While some people find e-cigarettes helpful, others suggest that they are still addicted mostly because of the traces of nicotine in the e-liquid. That’s why maybe it’s a better idea to use e-cigarettes that use e-liquid without any nicotine. Just like any other quitting method, the success completely depends on the determination of the smoker.

So, are e-cigarettes good or bad?

It is hard to answer this question by simply choosing “good” or “bad”. For example, they are definitely good for smokers that live together with their children. There is no way that an e-cigarette can hurt their health. In addition, these cigarettes will save you money.

They don’t need refill that often and they usually don’t cost too much. However, e-cigarettes cannot improve your health. Even the substitutes to nicotine that they use are not beneficial for human health and in some cases they definitely have negative impact.

Finally, e-cigarettes may be a good alternative for heavy smokers but they are definitely not good for those who have never smoked.

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