Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer No One Talks About (It’s not just about lumps)

April 23, 2016

Industry cancers are campaigning for mammogram because they need a lot of money for breast cancer drug research. But they forget the variety of simple prevention tips against breast cancer. This article will discuss how to detect breast cancer through some simple ways:
Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer No One Talks About (It’s not just about lumps)
Do not get too focused on bump
The conventional way is looking for lumps. Most conventional doctors often do this by examining x-ray mammogram in the aim of finding a lump, mass, or other disorders that are expected to lead to malignancy. But a mammogram can cause malignancy and unfortunately this method cannot achieve 100% accuracy.

You are advised to include thermography, a screening method that is not only capable of detecting unusual lumps but also capable of detecting the presence of angio-genesis in breast tissue. Angio-genesis is a symptom of the growth of new blood vessels, serving as a new supply system for breast tumor tissue.

The majority of medical experts say that cancer is caused by poor genetics and thus they claim that it is impossible to cure cancer. In fact, most of the cases are originated from some errors relating to the environment, diet, and poor lifestyle that bring negative effects on the endocrine system. This system is responsible for hormone production and the hormone imbalance will only increase the risk of cancer.

Learn about your body
Observe any unusual symptom, for examples are throbbing, pain, or even discomfort fluctuate. Experts from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston state that the majority of breast cancer cases are not accompanied by classical bump. They may exhibit other symptoms such as dimpling, irritation, nipple inversion, nipple thickening, and also the pattern of redness on the breast skin.

Back pain
Back pain is one of the symptoms of breast cancer that are often overlooked. Some patients feel a pressure on the ribs and spine which resulted in acute pain. You should immediately consult a doctor if you suffer from prolonged back pain.

If you are deficient in various vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin D and iodine, then you’re quite susceptible to breast cancer. Some studies found that 75% of healthy adults suffer from iodine deficiency and this means they are susceptible to breast cancer. A study in 2012 found that the hallmark of breast cancer patients got vitamin D deficiency!

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