Eat This 2-Ingredient Pancake Every Morning And Watch Your Body Fat Disappear

June 14, 2016

The most favorite food necessary for every home where kids are playing or there are no kids at all are the one and only, pancakes. They are a version of waffles but more classier and the common breakfast all around the world.Eat This 2-Ingredient Pancake Every Morning And Watch Your Body Fat DisappearBeside the taste and fast preparation, the pancakes bought from markets contain extra processed sugar, gluten, hydrogenated fats, bleached white flour and many others. The process of making them is quite easy and all these ingredients may cause health problems since they are all processed.

Read more to find out hoe to make pancakes in an easy way which would be delicious and most importantly healthy with only two ingredients already found in your home, bananas and eggs.

Benefits Of Eggs

You should include eggs in your diet every other day since they are full with nutrients great for the start of the day. They include minerals and vitamins like selenium, foliate, phosphorous, vitamin B12, B5, B2 and vitamin A.

Eggs are high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, which promote weight loss and reducing of inflammation. It can help raising the HDL cholesterol, which prevents various health conditions altogether with the hearth diseases.

What most people think about eggs is that their yolk cholesterol can contribute to the human’s cholesterol that is why they avoid eating them or eat just the white part of the egg.

But many studies prove that if you eat whole egg it would not change the level of cholesterol or it can be very little change. One study shows that eating eggs has no effect on seventy percent of the participant’s cholesterol levels and the remaining thirty percent had insignificant effect.

Benefits of Bananas

Being so nutritious and adaptable fruit they can be used in a great variety of recipes. They are even good at shaping the pancakes. They contain great amount of fiber and many antioxidants. Bananas include several vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, copper, magnesium, protein, net carbs, and manganese.

They are proven to be effective at reducing hunger and regulating the blood sugar levels. This is because of the two types of fiber resistant starch and pectin, which can be found in bananas.

Both types of fibers balance the blood sugar levels and, if you eat a banana after the meal, it will reduce the feeling of hunger since it can slow down the process of emptying.

Another ingredient which is effective in lowering the blood pressure is the potassium. The potassium altogether with the ability of the banana to regulate blood sugar, makes the banana great as heart protector and its health.

Two ingredient pancake recipe


  • two eggs
  • half cup of mashed bananas


  • First, put the eggs and bananas in a bowl and mix them well
  • Then, place the pan over medium heat and a quarter of the mixture on the pan . You will notice bubbles and this is the sign for flipping the pancake and cook it from other side.
  • Repeat the whole procedure with the remaining mixture. You should have approximately four or five pancakes out of the mash.

You see how simple and easy the recipe is? Then try these two-ingredient pancakes because it can help you lose weight and will preserve your heart health.

Source: theheartysoul

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