Why It Is Not a Good Idea To Eat Green Potatoes

March 9, 2015

Why It Is Not a Good Idea To Eat Green Potatoes

Green potatoes can be harmful to an individual’s health, yet many are unaware of this. Potatoes are green due to the amounts of chlorophyll they contain.

Green Potatoes

Green potatoes are said to have very high amounts of solanine, which is thought to be a very harmful chemical. Solanine can give an individual headaches, make them vomit, give the diarrhea, and more.

This poisonous chemical occurs naturally in not only potatoes, but other nightshade family members, such as eggplants and tomatoes. The chemical can be found throughout the entire potato, and in new sprouts.
Potatoes generally have small amounts of this poisonous chemical to help ward off predators, insects and diseases. When the potato is exposed to the sun, the potato will turn green, making them poisonous to eat. Avoid cooking with any green potatoes, and throw away any eyes or sprouts that appear to be green in appearance.
Signs that an individual has been poisoned by a green potato include fever,

-dilated pupils,


-loss of sensation,


-low body temperatures,




-vision changes,


-slowed pulse,

-slowed breathing,

-and stomach pains.

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